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Our auto dialer solution delivers pre-recorded audio messages to a list of contacts. It can also leave answering machine messages in your own voice or a computer-generated voice using our Text to Speech plug-in. Auto Dialer features include live call transfer, automated messages, touch-tone opt-out options, and an easy-to-use, Excel-like interface. This auto dialling software is scalable, customizable, and easy to use. We offer both a cloud auto dialer service and on-premise auto dialer software.

How it works?

Simply upload your contact list (an Excel sheet works well), select an audio file, and start the Auto Dialer program. Our software will automatically dial the phone numbers in your contact list one after another and play the selected audio file. You can play different messages for answering machines, and you can set the Auto Dialer program to retry busy lines.

Customize and automate phone calls for any of your needs. Voicent Auto Dialer is your simple solution to outbound sales, telemarketing, and smart dialing.

    Outbound predictive and automatic dialing
  • Inbound IVR and ACD
  • VoIP trunks and standard Telco lines
  • Support for Sangoma and Digium cards
  • USA, UK and Canada call compliance
  • Scalable to hundreds of seats
  • c
  • Wizard based configurations
  • Integrated call recording

ITECHii Autodialer software delivers personal calls or leave answering machine messages in your own voice or a computer-generated voice. For press-1 campaigns, our auto dialer software also collects touch-tone responses or speech commands to connect calls to agents, automatically opt-out, confirm and much more.

Select or Import List

Choose your contact list from the built-in CRM or import any csv files

Select Message

Select a text to speech message, ivr app, press 1 message, or pre-recorded audio file.

Click Start

The auto dialer will begin to dial your contact list and can make simultaneous calls.

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